COROS VERTIX 2 Announced: Maps, Music, Best GNSS-Chip So Far

Breaking into the GPS sports/outdoor watch market with a new brand seemed like an impossible task – until COROS came along. Now we are getting the VERTIX 2.

An Introduction to the Suunto 9 Peak: What You Should Know!

In short: The Suunto 9 Peak extends the Suunto 9 range with a smaller model. It is updated, but it does not replace the Suunto 9 Baro.

The Suunto 7 Titanium – Peak Minimalism

Small changes can make a big difference. Suunto’s recent release of the Suunto 9 Baro and Suunto 7 in Titanium versions sure falls under this category.

How I Handle the Suunto 7 so Battery Life Is No Issue To Me

Battery life is a well-known issue of WearOS devices, but just a few tweaks and a habit made my Suunto 7 run beautifully, and for all the time…

Suunto 7 Battery Life with Sleep Tracking, Daily HR, Body Resources

With the Suunto 7 now tracking real-time heart rate, body resources, and sleep, battery life is becoming even more of an issue. WearOS is famously battery-hungry.

G-Shock Really Goes WearOS

Where the GBD-H1000 G-Squad added GPS tracking and oHR to G-Shock watches, the just-announced GSW-H1000 G-Squad Pro will go a step further and run on WearOS. By the…

What To Do if Komoot Doesn’t Sync Routes to Your Suunto App

Suunto just updated its app to deliver route navigation with turn-by-turn directions from Komoot with the Suunto 9 (Baro), Suunto 5, and Suunto 7. If you have not…

Suunto 7 Gets Sleep Tracking, Resources, Daily HR – and Komoot Navigation!

The most exciting update now announced, alongside the new premium Titanium versions of the Suunto 7 (and Suunto 9 Baro) is the one for the Suunto 7. The…

New Suunto 7 and Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Variants – and Software Update 2.4.12

While Suunto fans are waiting for entirely new watches*, the Finnish watch brand is going upscale and minimalistic with new variants of the Suunto 7 WearOS sports smartwatch…

2021 Starts with Bad GPS Tracks from Sony

January 2, 2021 – and if you went for a run in the new year already, you may have had bad GPS tracks with quite an offset. [Update…