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Preview: “New Generation” Casio ProTrek Smart WSD-F30

At the IFA Berlin 2018, Casio just announced that a new version of their ProTrek Smart outdoor watch is coming later this year, the Casio ProTrek Smart WSD-F30….

Outdoor Sport Android Wear Apps (for the Casio ProTrek Smart)

The big oddity, looking at Android Wear smartwatches for outdoor activities or sports: They are not really made for that. Not, at least, the way that Suunto, Garmin…

The Casio ProTrek Smart WSD-F20: Casio Apps (Tool, Activity, Location Memory)

Android Wear is always the same, to some extent, but typically also adapted somewhat by the different makers of Android Wear smartwatches. After all, there needs to be…

The Casio ProTrek Smart WSD-F20: Introduction, Basics, Startup

The usual disclaimer first: This watch was provided to me, on loan, for free, by Casio (or to be exact, its PR agency in Germany). No money changed…