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GPS Testing Map Liechtenstein

Suunto 9 GPS Testing: Best GPS at the LGT Alpine Marathon

June 16, 2018. LGT Alpine Marathon in Liechtenstein – with the Suunto 9. At the starting line, testing-wise: That new Suunto 9, the trusty Ambit3 Peak, and the…

Suunto9 Performance Mode Display

A First Look at the Suunto 9’s FusedTrack

The major new feature of the Suunto 9 is its FusedTrack technology.

Suunto9, Hands-On In-Depth Preview

Finally, I can stop pretending to only know about Suunto Spartan 2 (or something) teasers and provide you with all you’d want to know* about the Suunto9 Baro.

Hochkönigman Skyrace GPS Testing: Suunto9, Suunto Spartan Ultra

The fun of a run like the Hochkönigman Skyrace is also when you can use that to check out how “time pieces” like the Suunto9 perform on such…