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BergeSeen-Trail Tracks over the Dachstein – How to Record GPS Over Night

As I mentioned, on my way across the Dachstein, I gladly had the route navigation active the whole time. It made it a lot easier to follow the…

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Firstbeat is the company behind many heart rate (variability)-based features on wearables and sports watches. They also provide their own Lifestyle Assessment.

A First Look at the Suunto 9’s FusedTrack

The major new feature of the Suunto 9 is its FusedTrack technology.

Tech in a Pack: Arc’teryx Alpha SK 32 Backpack

Talking about a backpack when you’re “Time and Tours”? It might seem strange, and it is a bit of an odd expansion of my focus here. Fresh back…

Land Rover Explore Outdoor Smartphone – A First Look

When a German PR agency asked me what I’d think of an outdoor smartphone, I knew something was up – and I was very critical. We get into…