“Possible” plans for coming firmware updates from Coros:

This is difficult now.

Someone from Coros had posted software update plans of theirs into the Coros Watch Users Facebook group. Later, they deleted that post again, and my asking about it intersected with it all.

Since it’s already out there, I am going to leave this here, but I want to add that these are plans that were communicated once, but might change. Maybe even considerably…


Late June 2019

  • HR display in start and pause screens for workouts
  • New data metrics, including advanced running metrics


Early June 2019

  • Hiking, trail running, and mountaineering sports modes

Update: Hiking and trail running modes, utilizing 3D distance algorithms, were introduced with firmware update V 2.0, released May 30, 2019

This also included enhancements to the pool swim mode.

Late June 2019

  • New user interface
  • New data metrics, including advanced running metrics

COROS Vertix

Update: VERTIX firmware V1.32 was released June 7, 2019

  • Optimizes the battery performance in standby mode
  • Adds history data to the HR and elevation widgets in standby mode
  • Enhances notification display
  • Multiple bug fixes

Late June 2019

  • New data metrics, including advanced running metrics

Mid-July 2019

  • Indoor/outdoor Cardio workout modes
  • Backlight always-on option
  • Support for multi-day workouts with “resume” and “fnish later” options
  • Enhancements to navigation features [Might that be the announced waypoints support?]

Note of Caution

Let me repeat this here: Such updates can always be delayed by bugs, priorities can change, etc.

So, there is no guarantee these are the updates that are actually going to come next. I’ll keep you (and this page) up-to-date, though.