Maybe it’s good to get a new sizing kit, anyways…

One of the many odd communications from Oura regarding the Gen3 ring has been that it would fit differently.

Therefore, they would send everyone a sizing kit, including people who only switch from a Gen2 to a Gen3 ring.

Sizing Kit Gen3… Same as Gen2

I just received my sizing kit… and the model rings to try on are exactly the same size as they were before. Nothing has changed whatsoever, except for the box and the marketing copy.

Maybe the sizing instructions online are different now; I sure cannot remember the advice to wear the ring on the index finger. Everything else here sounds the same as before, though.

Maybe It’s Good…

Now, especially with my desire to check Gen2 vs. Gen3 rings (since I’ll be able to keep using both… somehow, maybe), I found the sizing kit and instructions useful to reconsider where I would want to wear the ring and what size I need for that.

I am going to change to the size 10 that fits perfectly on my left index finger and also, the same as the ring I have now, on a ring finger (but the right one). Thus, I can continue to wear the Gen2 ring on my left ring finger.

For such reconsiderations, it may be good to get the sizing kit; it might also be rather too much trouble to have to set up the order system to allow for skipping the sizing kit or not.

… But Still, It’s Just Wrong What They Said

With the Gen3 launch, this is yet another point – like the sudden introduction of the Oura membership and the continuing lack of clarity around that – where Oura is currently very strange in their communications.

I would have zero issues with them communicating that it doesn’t make sense to have an option to skip the sizing kit because it would be complicated or because it would too easily lead to problems with the sizing.

What they have communicated, however, has been that it is necessary because the sizes are different.

They are not. The rings in the Gen2 and Gen3 sizing kits are exactly the same.