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COROS Apex – The Basics: Watch Functions, UI, Full Menu Walkthrough

The Coros Apex Premium Multisport Watch. For a new contender in the sports watch market, Coros has been doing great – and you get a premium sports watch…

Overview of GPS tracks recorded at Prague Marathon

Suunto 9, Polar Vantage V, Coros Apex Comparison: Prague Marathon

In this third installment of my series comparing the GPS performance of different sports watches, I ran in the Prague Marathon.

(GPS) Performance Testing: Florence

The small streets of Florence, run with a Coros Apex, Polar Vantage V, Suunto 9 Baro, and Garmin Instinct – it really puts GPS to the test.

Sports Watch Performance Comparisons: Vienna City Marathon

At the Vienna City Marathon, I ran with Suunto 9 Baro, Polar Vantage V, and Coros Apex. Let’s compare!

Polar Vantage: Daily Tracking – “Activity” – Data in the Polar Flow App

Let’s have a look at how Polar shows the daily tracking data from the Vantage V in its Polar Flow app.

Sleep Tracking with Fitbit Charge 3: Data in the Fitbit App

Let’s continue our look at the Fitbit App’s presentation of data recorded with a Fitbit Charge 3. Last time, steps and HR data (and more). This time, the…

Daily Tracking via Fitbit Charge 3: Step and HR Data in the Fitbit App

We had a look at the 24/7 tracking data produced by a Fitbit Charge 3 as compared to a Polar Vantage V – but how does the Fitbit…

24/7 Tracking Data Comparison: Polar Vantage V vs. Fitbit Charge 3

A major use of modern fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge 3 or sport watches like the Polar Vantage V is in their daily tracking of steps/activity, heart…

Casio Rangeman Conclusion: Tough Nut

The Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 is worth a distinct conclusion. Even if my opinion of it is a mixed affair…

Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000: GPS and Navigation in Action

After the look at basics – looks and functions – of the Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000, let’s turn to GPS and navigation.